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Thank you for visiting CG Canada (Consumer Goods Canada)

Finally – a consumer goods review site with an unbiased look at today’s market that you can trust! We’ll continue to add new product reviews as requested (please send us an email through the CONTACT form if you’d like us to review a product for you!)

You’ll find the best and worst products of today in various categories. Choice may be a good thing, but when you’ve got 15 products to choose from – it can be a little difficult to know what’s best… so we do all the research legwork for you at CG Canada!

We’ll make sure to include pictures of the product (we’ll get pictures out of the box/inside the product as best we can too) as well as testimonials from others who’ve used the product, along with complete lists of pros and cons/visual comparison tables.

Simply enough, we do the research and testing and write a complete review – you decide if this is the right product for you!

Unlike affiliate marketing agencies and companies who spam products into your daily life without ever trying them (or knowing what the product even does much of the time) – CG Canada is an independant review site owned by a few university students with FREE TIME. Therefore – we make 100% effort to STRESS test every product and therefore write a thorough review of it.

Thank you for visiting, – Since 1999

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